Nominees Welcome

Thank you for being a Member of CIFCU and expressing interest in serving as a Volunteer on the Board of Directors for the Credit Union.

As the Nominating Committee for the Cincinnati Interagency Federal Credit Union (CIFCU), we are accepting applications for three Director terms that expire in March 2018. Enclosed you will find an overview of the expectations of a CIFCU Director (“Board of Directors Duties 06-2015”).  In addition, there is another document containing the application for a CIFCU Board Member (“Application for Board Nominee – Dec2012”).  If you would like to become a candidate, please complete, sign and forward the application as indicated. The deadline for submission is Noon, Thursday, December 21st, 2017.

If you have any questions regarding the requirements, documents, or process, please contact Karen Anderson, CIFCU’s CEO (513/569-7878) or any Committee members including Ed Glick, Jo Ann Bachman (513/487-2088), Alan Lindquist (513/569-7192, and Randy Parker (513/569-7271).