If you are using a screen reader or other auxiliary aid and are having problems using this website, please call CIFCU’s Main Office for assistance at 513/569-7878.  All products and services* available on this website are available at all CIFCU offices.

* The Medallion Signature Guarantee is normally only available at the Main Office.

ATM Deposits

Where can I make a deposit to my CIFCU account using my CIFCU debit card?
There are several locations within the tri-state area. Please look for any ATM displaying the FastBank logo (which should include U.S. Bank locations.).

Mailing Address

What is CIFCU’s mailing/payment address?
Please mail payments or other correspondence to CIFCU, PO Box 19629, Cincinnati, OH 45219-0629.

Changing Employers

What if I’m leaving the agency or company that made me eligible to join CIFCU?
We follow the credo of “once a member, always a member.” All you need to do is keep your CIFCU share account active – by making a deposit or withdrawal once a year – and you will be able to take advantage of the services we offer. Don’t forget that we’d be glad to help you sign up for direct deposit from your new employer to your credit union account.

Credit or Debit?

When I use my CIFCU debit card to make a purchase should I press credit or debit?
CIFCU would prefer that you press CREDIT. This costs us less in expenses and actually makes the credit union some money. Please note, however, that some merchants will require you to use your PIN with your debit card. If this is the case, please do so. If you do not remember your PIN, please contact us so that a new one may be obtained for you. (There is a small fee for this PIN reset service.)

Direct Deposit

What information do I need to set up a direct deposit?
This is what you’ll need.

  • The financial institution’s name is: CINCINNATI INTERAGENCY FCU.
  • Our address is: 26 West ML King Drive, G4 Cincinnati, OH 45220
  • The Routing & Transit or ABA number is: 2420 7664 3
  • Your Account number should be in a 12 digit format of:
  •  00000xxxx000 for a 4 digit Savings/Shares (adjust the leading zeroes if you have a 3 or 5 digit account number)
  •  00000xxxx010  for a 4 digit Checking/Sharedraft (adjust the leading zeroes if you have a 3 or 5 digit account number)


Is it safe to e-mail a question I have to CIFCU?
While CIFCU has made every effort to be sure that information e-mailed to us will be secure, there is always a slight risk. As a way to ensure your confidentiality, please do NOT include your CIFCU account number in your e-mail message. Please ask your question or make your comment and then include a phone number where we may reach you.

CIFCU’s e-mail address is:  info@cifcu.org

Family Members

If I’m already a member of CIFCU, can my family members join?
Yes. Your immediate family members are eligible to join CIFCU and enjoy the same benefits and services.

Federally Insured

Is my CIFCU account Federally insured?
Yes. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is the Federal Agency which insures your deposits up to $250,000.
(Further information is available upon request.)

Loan Application

Do I have to come to a CIFCU office to fill out a loan application?
No. If you are signed up to use our online system, you can complete an application online by going to the “Loan” button. We would be glad to fax or mail you an application as well. We can also complete a loan transaction by mail or fax (with the exception of home equity lines of credit).

Lost/Stolen Card

What do I do if my CIFCU MasterCard Debit card or Visa Credit card is lost or stolen?
Call us at (513) 569-7878 as soon as possible! If we’re not open, please call the appropriate toll fee number below.

MasterCard – Debit card (833) 337-6075
Visa – Credit card (800) 543-5073

INTERNATIONAL MasterCard – Debit Card    Collect Call (614) 564-5105

INTERNATIONAL Visa- Credit Card Call (727) 570-4881

No Fee ATMs

Where can I find a list of no surcharge ATM machines?
Members with CIFCU debit cards will find a list of no surcharge ATM machines at either of two web sites. They are: www.moneypass.com and www.allianceone.coop.

(Remember that the fee is charged by the financial institution that owns the ATM machine, not CIFCU.)

On-line Access

Can I get information about my accounts on-line?
You may use “It’sMe247” online banking to access to your CIFCU share, sharedraft, loan, credit card and certificate accounts.