Fee Schedule

Regular Share, Special Sub Share, Holiday & Vacation Share

Dormant Account-no activity on account for a 1-year period per quarter $10.00
Overdraft per item $35.00
NSF ACH Debit Paid or Returned per item $35.00
Transfer from another account to cover ACH Debit per transfer $10.00
Stop Payment per request $35.00


IRA Passbook Share Fees

Premature Distributions per withdrawal $30.00
Transfer/Rollover to Another Financial Institution per transaction $30.00


Share Draft Fees

Overdraft per item $35.00
NSF Check/ACH Debit Paid or Returned per item $35.00
NSF ATM Debit/Recurring Transaction Per item $35.00
Stop Payment per request $35.00
Share Draft Printing price varies by style
Transfer from Savings to Cover NSF Check/ACH Debit/Recurring Transactions per transfer $10.00
Debit Card Reinstatement Due to Nonresponse to LOC Renewal $25.00
Debit Card Replacement per card $25.00
Collection Item Incoming per item $25.00
Emergency/Starter Checks $4.00/sheet of 4
Verification of Check per check $1.00


Money Market Fees

NSF Check/ACH Debit Paid or Returned per item $20.00
Check written for less than $200.00 per item $20.00
Excessive Withdrawals-over 3 per month per item $20.00
Balance less than Minimum Required $20.00
Transfer from savings to cover NSF Check/ACH Debit per item $10.00


Other Service Fees

Account Reconciliation per hour $25.00
Account Research (plus storage retrieval fees if applicable) per hour $25.00
Statement Copy-paid in advance

(Within 1 year)

(More than 1 year but since June 2011)

(Before June 2011)


per copy $ 5.00

per copy $15.00

per copy $20.00

Deposited Item Return

Drawn on Third Party

Drawn on Your Account at Another Institution

Drawn on your Account at Another Institution over $2,500.00

Additional if not paid within 1 week


per item $15.00

per item $40.00

per item $45.00

per item $ 5.00

Money Order each $3.00
Copy of Check-paid in advance per copy $5.00
Cashiers Check

Payable to Accountholder, in office

Payable to Accountholder, mailed to home

Payable to Third Party


each $2.00

each $3.00

each $4.00

Non-Notification of Address Change each time $5.00
Replacement PIN (Visa, Debit Card, Electronic Services) $5.00
Foreign Item Collection $10.00
Account History (30 days) per request $1.00
Photocopy per page $1.00
Coin Rolls-more than 10 per event $1.00
Court Ordered Child/Spousal Support $5.00
Account Verification $10.00
Loan Payoff Provided to Third Party $5.00
Account Closing within 6 Months $5.00
Account Re-opening within 6 Months $5.00
Check Cashing for Non-Member (limited to certain types of checks) $10.00
Duplicate IRS Reporting Form $10.00
HELOC Subordination Fee $100.00
Loan Cancellation/No Show/Reprocessing $25.00
Loan Reapplication Fee, if previously not approved (within 3 months) $50.00
Original Loan Documents not Returned within 30 Days

(with same amount charged for each month not received)

Wire Transfer (Incoming or Outgoing) per transfer $35.00
Wire Resend Fee (due to incorrect member provided information) $20.00
Issue a Replacement Cashier’s Check $30.00 per check

(including Bill Pay)


Par Value

Par Value of One Share $5.00


Fees are subject to change at any time. Rates shown are effective January 1, 2024.