Loan Rates

Information shown below is based upon approved credit. Rates will vary based upon terms, credit scores, and, if applicable, collateral value.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

Vehicle rates are for new loans & refinances from other institutions only (not $0 refinances of current loans at CIFCU).  

Loan Rates

Type Features Term-APR
GREEN Vehicles** New vehicles –
-110% financing
-Any vehicle with an EPA estimated mileage of 35MGP/City or HYBRID
Up to 72 months — 5.24%
GREEN Vehicles-USED** -Previously titled – ALL model years-Up to110% NADA Retail Value
– Any vehicle with an EPA estimated mileage of 35MPG/City or HYBRID
See appropriate model year category for term –subtract 1.00% from the rate shown
New & Recent Model Year Vehicles** 2022 & Newer Model Years –
-110% Price/NADA Retail Value
Up to 72 months –6.24%
Used Vehicles** 2019 – 2021 Model Years –
-Up to 110% NADA Retail Value
Up to 72 months — 6.74%
Used Vehicles** 2016-2018 -Model Years
-Up to 110% NADA Retail Value
Up to 48 months — 7.49%
Used Vehicles** 2015 & Older –
-Up to 110% NADA Retail Value
Up to 36 months — 7.98%
Home Equity (Variable Rate) – 100% of appraised value (less 1st mortgage balance). subject to credit approval
-$100 minimum payment
-Closing costs waived if minimum $5000 advance taken w/i 30 days of closing
-Minimum rate of 5.0%
15 Years
Prime Rate plus — 0.50%
Visa -No fees: annual, cash advance, or transfers
– 28 day grace period – purchases
-Payback = 2% of balance
-CIRRUS Network ATMs for cash
-Late fee=$25.00
-Minimum Finance Charge=$1.00
-Earn ScoreCard Rewards!
Variable @ Prime + 6.5% =15.00% *1
Home Improvement -Invoice amount + 10% for incidentals
-$30,000max (UNSECURED)
-For your principal residence only
-Invoices &/or estimates must be provided
-Including Appliances Green HI Loan rates = 1.00% less!   (call for details)
Up to 60 months – 8.99%


Signature (Unsecured)



-For general purpose loans of $1000 and greater Up to 12 months — 7.49 %
Up to 24 months — 7.99%
For 25 to 60 months — 8.99% *2
Medical Loan (Unsecured) -$1000 minimum
-Proof of expenses required, may be used for pet care and funeral expenses as well
Up to 60 months — 6.49%
Share Secured -Maximum loan amount equal to share balance
-Minimum rate of 3.00%
-Uses your share account as collateral
Up to 60 months
Current share rate plus — 3.00%
Line of Credit – Provides protection in case you overdraw your account
-Payment of $2.45 per $100.00 borrowed ($20.00 minimum)
-Share secured option also available
-Required for debit card qualification purposes
Revolving — 14.50%

** Please call to see if we can match the rate you’re being quoted  – and pay you a cash bonus!

Please note:  All loan rates quoted as annual percentage rates (APR).
Please note:  Call us for information regarding requirements for conversion vans, watercraft, recreational vehicles, and new lawn & garden vehicles.
*1 – This is a variable rate credit card.  At 9/01/2023, the rate calculated to 15.00%.
*2 – Longer terms also available, call for details.