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Share Certificates Share, Holiday, & Vacation Accounts
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Loan Services

Our loan rates are competitive and we offer a variety of loan options that best suit your financial needs.

  • Auto Loans – New and Used and “Green”
  • Other Vehicles – motorcycles, watercraft, RVs, & classic cars
  • Home Equity Loans/Lines of Credit
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • VISA credit cards
  • Unsecured Loans for consolidation, medical (including dental, pets, & funeral), and other expenses
  • Share Secured Loans
  • Overdraft/Revolving Lines of Credit
  • And more…

(Upon approved credit.)



Home Equity Loan

Your investment in your home is worth money in your pocket! Our home equity loan is designed to give you borrowing power for almost any type of major or minor purchase. This type of loan may be used for vacations, college tuition, a new car, home improvements, or consolidation of other debts.

We offer convenient, flexible terms and a competitive interest rate along with a revolving line of credit. And, unlike many loans, the interest you pay on a home equity loan may be deductible for tax purposes.

  • The rate is based on the Wall Street Journal’s Prime Rate + 0.5%
    – (with a minimum rate of 5.0%APR)
  • The rate is variable & subject to change quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, & Oct 1st)
  • The rate will not change more than 1% per adjustment
  • The rate will not change more than 10% over the life of the loan
  • The term is 15 years but there is no prepayment penalty
  • Closing costs are waived with a $5000 minimum advance within 30 days of closing
  • Subsequent advances must be for at least $1000
  • The limit is based on the home’s appraised value (100%) less the first mortgage balance
    -subject to credit approval

Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

IRA Accounts

A tax deferred* IRA can help you save money for your retirement – taking you into the future safely and securely. For your convenience, deposits can be made by payroll deduction, in person, or by mail.

  • Competitive dividend rates
  • Dividends paid monthly on Passbook type
    ($25 minimum deposit)
  • Dividends paid quarterly on Certificate type
    ($1000 minimum deposit, various terms)

*Consult a tax advisor for additional tax information

MasterCard Debit Card

Accepted Worldwide

The card that works like a check. It’s convenient and easy to use. You may use it anywhere that MasterCard is accepted for purchases and the amount is automatically deducted from your sharedraft (checking) account.


Use it as an ATM card to withdraw cash from your share, sharedraft or line-of-credit loan. You may also use it to check balances and transfer funds.

  • Can be used at any ATM where the MoneyPass, Pulse, or MasterCard logo is displayed.
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) needed & provided for ATM use
  • Deposits can be made at machines displaying the FastBank logo.
  • Daily withdrawal restrictions apply.
  • Network ATMs may charge a fee though we do not. The fee will be displayed at the Network ATM.
  • Monthly detailed statements for sharedraft activity will show date, amount of transactions, and name of business where purchase or ATM transaction was made.
  • An overdraft line of credit is required.
  • Fees may be assessed for a replacement card or PIN.
  • To report a Mastercard debit card lost or stolen, call 833-337-6075.

Money Market Checking

A great addition to your savings plan that allows liquid funds to earn a higher rate of return.

  • Minimum balance of $1000
  • Dividends are compounded monthly
  • Free checks
  • Up to 3 withdrawals/transfers are allowed each month
  • Each withdrawal/transfer must be for at least $200

Overdraft Protection

Protect yourself from overdrawing your account by linking your sharedraft (checking) account to an overdraft line of credit or share/savings account.

  • There is no fee for a line of credit account or per transfer.
  • There is a small fee for each transfer from shares to cover an overdraft.
  • A line of credit is required for debit card privileges.

Share Certificates

Share Certificates are designed to provide flexibility and higher dividend rates for your investment dollars. Very simply, the larger the amount you deposit and the longer you invest your money, the higher the dividends will be.

  • Minimum deposit of $500 ($1000 for IRA Certificates)
  • Rates are subject to change weekly
  • Golden Club members receive an additional bonus to the quoted rate
  • Terms range from 6 to 60 months
  • Dividends may be compounded quarterly or transferred monthly to your share account

Share, Holiday, & Vacation Accounts

Pay yourself first. Great way to help you save for holidays, vacations, and those unexpected expenses, while earning dividends.

  • Minimum balance of $500 for dividends
  • Competitive dividend rates
  • Dividends are paid quarterly
  • Perfect for automatic payday transfers

Sharedraft (Checking) Account

  • No monthly service charge
  • Unlimited check writing with no per check fees
  • Checks purchased at cost
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Honor pre-authorized drafts/ACH debits such as insurance, utilities, etc…
  • Monthly statement (e-Statements available too!)
  • Stop payment $35.00
  • Check copy $ 5.00 (Checks are not returned to you.)
  • NSF fee $35.00
  • Debit Card with Overdraft Protection available to those who qualify(Any account that has repeated overdrafts may be closed.)

VISA Credit Card

  • Credit lines beginning at $500 (lesser amounts if share secured)
  • 28-day grace period on purchases
  • No annual fee
  • No cash advance fees
  • Instant cash at Cirrus Network ATMs worldwide
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) needed & provided for ATM use
  • Balance information is available on-line through “It’s Me 247” Online Banking.
  • Minimum payment equals 2% of the outstanding balance
  • This is a variable rate credit card based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate + 6.5%. Please call us for current rate & disclosure information.
  • Earn ScoreCard Rewards points – to redeem for merchandise or travel.
  • Visa payments may be mailed to: CIFCU, PO BOX 19629, Cincinnati, OH 45219-0629
  • For Visa customer service call 1-513-569-7878
  • To report a lost or stolen Visa Credit Card, call 800-543-5073.



CU*Talk Telephone Access

Our automated teller, AMI, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check balances, see if checks have cleared, verify deposits, transfer funds, make loan payments and request a withdrawal check be sent.


  • From a touch-tone phone, call 855/428-8255
  • Enter your account number, followed by the # sign
  • Enter your four-digit personal ID number, followed by the # sign
  • Simply follow the instructions and menu to complete your transaction

Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

With Direct Deposit, you’ll enjoy the convenience and safety of deposits made on time, each payday. Direct Deposit your whole paycheck, social security, retirement, military check, or tax refund to have it sent to your account automatically.

Payroll deduction lets you to choose a specific amount to be withheld from your paycheck and sent to your account by Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit and payroll deduction allow you the ease of repaying your loan conveniently with automated monthly transfers.  You’ll save postage, gasoline, and time spent worrying.

Routing & Transit/ABA Number = 2420 7664 3

Your Checking Account = 00000xxxx010 (where xxxx is your 4 digit account number; adjust the leading zeroes if you have a 3 or 5 digit account number)

Your Savings Account = 00000xxxx000 (where xxxx is your 4 digit account number; adjust the leading zeroes if you have a 3 or 5 digit account number)


Member OnLine Loan Applications

Once you have signed up to access your CIFCU accounts using It’sMe247 you can apply for a loan on-line, too!



Once you have signed up for this service, you may access your CIFCU accounts on-line by using the “Home Banking” folder of this web site.  For a video of how this convenient service works, click here.  Please contact us to sign up!

See the Google Play Store (Android devices) or iTunes Store (Apple devices) to download our app to your smart phone. (Account access is available in either a mobile or web site version – whichever you prefer.)

If you prefer to be aware of transactions on your account or loan payment due dates, we also offer CIFCU Mobile Text Banking/Notifications.

Other Services

  • Shared Branching (Click here for a video about it!)
  • Sallie Mae – Student Loans (Click here for details)
  • Free Notary service
  • Free Signature Guarantee service  (please call for availability)
  • Money Orders
  • Postage stamps at cost
  • CIFCU Visa payments processed on site or using ItsMe247
  • Night Depository (Main Office)
  • Wire Transfers
  • Educational information available:
    Consumer Reports magazines & Buying Guides,
    NADA (“Blue Book”) Pricing Guides for Used Cars,
    Boats, Motorcycles, RVs, Conversion Vans, & Classic Cars
  • Golden Club – Members age 60 or better receive special benefits
  • Kids Club – Special savings program for members age 12 and under

Bill Pay Service

Once you’ve signed up to get your CIFCU account information on-line, why not sign up for Bill Pay? Once you’ve put in the information for each person, utility, company, or organization that you want to pay periodically, you’ll only have to point and click to request a payment after that. It’s so easy.

Think of all the money you’ll save in stamps – and the trees will be grateful, too!

Please contact us to sign up!

Click here to learn how to use Bill Pay



If you have questions about the products or services described above, please contact a Member Services representative at 513-569-7878.